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Free Source Code Browser (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Free_Source_Browser_Full_6743/ is a very basic Internet browser whose major goal is allowing you to access the source code and the images of any web page active in your browser. It results very helpful for web designers and developers, especially with pages that block access to their source code or that does not allow you to save the images they contain. The program looks and behaves very much like most Internet browsers. It provides the typical buttons required for basic navigation: Back, Forward, Stop, Reload, and UpDir. However, it also provides three additional tabs that give you instant access to the page's source code and all the images it contains, separately. From here, you can save any of the images, regardless of the original page's restrictions. This program, in fact, uses Internet Explorer's navigation engine, allowing you to browse even the most advanced web pages, but also demanding from you to have Internet Explorer installed on your system (version 4.0 or newer). The program's interface is very nice and easy to use. Besides, it can integrate with your Internet Explorer’s tools menu so that you can access this browser directly from IE. This link can be also easily removed when necessary. Free Source Code Browser is completely free and does its job very well. I think it is an excellent choice for anybody needing to access the source code of protected web pages or to download their images. Review licensed from Publisher description Free Source Code Browser Software! Free Source Code Browser software. Aren't webpages that try to prevent you from viewing their source code or saving images by disabling right-click bothersome? Who cares! View the source code of any webpage, and save any image as well. 100% free with no limitations for life.

Pale Moon (open source) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Pale_Moon_1495258/ is a light and extremely functional web browser. From the visual point of view, it is very similar to Mozilla Firefox; and the similarities don't end here, because they both actually use the same rendering engine, called Gecko. Therefore, Pale Moon inherits everything from this engine, especially its speed. Using Pale Moon isn't difficult at all, provided you are familiar with any other web browser. It allows using tabs to browse multiple web pages at the same time. Moreover, it lets you create tab groups for better tab management. It also supports private navigation so that no traces of your web navigation are stored on your computer. Also, it has a built-in download manager that allows pausing and resuming download tasks. Moreover, it can manage your passwords efficiently so you will not need to remember any of them; and in case you think this may compromise your privacy, you can protect them with a single master password. Furthermore, it allows synchronizing bookmarks using Firefox Sync or by exporting them to external devices. And if you don't find the default functionality extensive enough, you can always expand it by installing add-ons. By the way, there is also protection against unauthorized installation of add-ons. In general, although not as widely used as such major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer, Pale Moon is just as good or even better. And it also has the advantage of having a relatively light installation package. Unfortunately, as it is based on Firefox, it depends on the release of new Firefox versions, so it will probably lag behind it in terms of development. Besides, the default configuration of the address bar and the tabs somewhat limits the amount of space left for web pages themselves. « less Review licensed from Publisher description Pale Moon is a browser completely built from source with carefully selected features and optimizations to maximize the browser's speed, stability and user experience. It has support for SVG, Canvas and downloadable fonts including WOFF and extensive support for HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL.

= http://www.palemoon.org/

= firefox migrate http://relmirror.palemoon.org/tools/pm-migrate.exe

PaleMoon language packs http://www.palemoon.org/langpacks.shtml

org palemoon http://www.palemoon.org/

a cleanmaster browser http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0oGdVdRzXVO2nMAVXil87UF?fr=sfp&fr2=&iscqry=&p=cleanmaster+browser

* CM Browser - Fast & Secure - Android Apps on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ksmobile.cb

Download Locations for CM Browser APK 5.1.10 (File Size: 1.81 MB) http://www.apk4fun.com/apk/5306/

E2 Browser (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/E2_Browser_179996/ is a smart web browser that uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer engine. E2 Browser allows the user not only to surf the web, but also to do a number of other things. Maybe its best feature is that it has a built-in Media Player, which allows you to watch movies and video clips while surfing the Internet. The browser's interface is quite simple. Clips and movies appear in the corner of the browser while you are surfing. There is an option to organize your video clips, images, and music in playlists. The other options available are common to standard web browsers: tabbed browsing, cleaning temporary Internet files, cache and cookies, adding favorites, etc. E2 Browser actually can open as many tabs as you wish, which is a great advantage. There is also an option to suppress script errors, which is also common in other browsers. The download of this browser is completely free, but you will need to have an Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or greater installed on your computer in order to use it. « less Review licensed from Publisher description E2 is an IE based, tabbed web browser with -- a built-in Collection Tool that lets you browse the web, collect audio clips, video clips, image files, web snippets, and download files - quickly...

opera next http://www.opera.com/sv/computer/beta


senaste webbläsare https://www.swedbank.se/privat/digitala-tjanster/digital-support/webblasare/index.htm

palemoon-win64 https://www.palemoon.org/palemoon-win64.shtml

... http://www.palemoon.org/releasenotes.shtml

safari https://support.apple.com/downloads/safari%2520for%2520windows

... 1.2 sv https://support.apple.com/kb/DL612?viewlocale=sv_SE&locale=en_US

Apple no longer offers Safari updates for Windows. Safari 5.1.7 for Windows was the last version made for Windows, and it is now outdated.

AVG Secure Browser | Fast and Private Browsing https://www.avg.com/en-ww/secure-browser

youtube supported_browsers https://www.youtube.com/supported_browsers

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