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File Comparator (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/File_Comparator_171615/ is a useful file comparing tool. This program is a great companion for every PC user, to manage files and folders in an efficient way. The hard disk is the most reliable place of the computer and we should use its space accurately. Many times it happens that our precious hard disk space has been occupied with duplicate files and folders. Usually, it takes long time and it is not easy to search for identical files and folders. With File Comparator you can sort out this problem. This simple utility, through a combination of intuitive interface and easy to use features, helps you to compare content of any file in a particular folder. The tool has the ability to compare any type of files like: text files, image files, music files and more. After the comparison process it will display the list of files with similar data. From the list you can delete duplicate files easily. But it is always advisable to check the file before deleting. It’s free and supports three different languages.

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