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1-abc.net Right Click Configurator 2 (shareware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/1_Abc_Net_Right_Click_Configurator_24105/ is the latest version of this shareware utility by 1-abc.net. We can download directly the free trial demo from the developer’s website and evaluate it for 10 days or 30 days (in the last case we must register our e-mail address and enter the free trial key we receive via e-mail immediately upon registration). 1-abc.net Right Click Configurator 2 gives us the opportunity to visualize the whole list of all our existing entries in the right click popup menu. Then we may approve, de-activate, add, edit, remove, or leave them as they are. We can also select to check them for errors and execute the program of a selected file. From the Main Window, we can see the entries’ names, what they are available for, and what their values are. By selecting one and pressing the Edit Entry button, we can see the type of entry, name. It is possible to enter a Command line, check Command line, add or remove parameter, and two special entries: add copy to folder and add move to folder. We can activate the special entries, which allow us to copy or to move the content from a folder to another one using the right click menu. Before applying any change, it is strongly recommended to export our Windows Registry with the Registry Editor; just in case we need to reverse any of them. The program language can be changed between English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Hungarian, and Polish. It runs under Windows XP and Vista. Review licensed from Publisher description With 1-abc.net Right Click Configurator the Windows Explorer popup menu will not be a mystical secret for you anymore! From a very easy-to-use interface you can see all these connections to Windows features and external programs. De-activating such an entry is just one click, and activating it again is only one click as well. You can also modify or remove it completely, which should be done with highest caution of course.

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