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DirSpace (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/DirSpace_3041/ is a nice little application developed by Fresh Software. The sole purpose of DirSpace is to calculate the size of each folder in a directory, so that the user could be aware of how big they are. This is a great utility for those, obsessed with hard drive efficiency, or for those, having a smaller hard drive. Normally, in order to find out which folder uses more disk space than others, you would have to check the properties of each folder individually. With this small application you just need to select the hard drive or a base directory and click "scan". The application will show you the folder name, the amount of files inside it and the size of each folder. You can go through these columns to find the biggest 'offenders'. If you are interested, the results can also be exported into .xls, .html, .csv or .txt file. Another useful feature is that you can select the definition of a megabyte for different file systems. It doesn't do anything else, but it is compact and works properly. ... Publisher description: DirSpace is a freeware program to scan a directory (folder) structure for total files and used disk space. After scanning , you can click on a column to sort the directories and spot the ones taking up the most space.

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