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HFT (freeware) ***** http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/HFT_102145/ Handy File Tool is an efficient file managing application suite that can rename, find and replace files internally. It provides good file management options that are suitable for programmers, web-users as well as novice level computer users. It offers a handy solution for dealing with hundreds of files and saves the user from manual hard work, just at the mere click of a button. Handy File Tool has the option of simultaneous processing of several files, directories as well as disks. It has a couple of panels in the interface one providing a basket clipboard option, basically meaning finding, copying, replacing or renaming multiple files with different formats as well attributes, at the same time. The key features mainly include: browsing and managing different files and folders, copying and moving them, creation and deletion of new folders, finding files by a mask or date, renaming files in multiple folders at the same time, replacement of text blocks as well as multiple strings in a number of folders simultaneously. Its interface is simple and easy to work with, so overall a genuine solution for file management with loads of features and quick operation. Above all, it’s a freeware, free from any adware or spyware, which gives satisfactory performance most of the times.

= Handy File Too

= Handy File Tool

= http://www.handyfiletool.com

Minidx (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Minidx_File_Manager_176044/ is a professional file management system.it has: -The speedy full-text search engine find the document which need at the first time -The own memory system which manage the important file under great security -Manage the TB rank data but the amount of data has small effect on the system -Using IFilter to get the text directly. Don't need to install office or other application -Basic on Unicode and input/output multi-countries language normally -High light the program grammar which makes reading various document convenience -High light the search result and convenience for the users -Realize the fuzzy inquiry and could recognize the synonym. Example when want to search the “where”, input the “whe” will show all the words begin from "whe" include when,where etc. -The own web server(like a hosting server ) facilitated sharing the management document in internet or local network -Precise search by the file create/edit/visit time or the file title or the file path or file content -User could set the hypothesis to filter the unuseful words

= http://minidx.com/


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Fysikpriset 2016 (Rätt) http://csp.screen9.com/video?auth=26if_8rFt9qX6aYQPpuEylmqfMg366_gVJng-nJ5cHAyqISFZKOoNXzSTtdLQpjqLgWvDrcemXI

Kemipriset 2016 (Rätt) http://csp.screen9.com/video?auth=oJ_6NCRz_hCKTUBaBgPkuhXty1AdOcuS6izJVE8CFnfwHlhqOJYdGr3lkJ7SgXZ9daiR_TMsHxg

Medicinpriset 2016 (Rätt) http://csp.screen9.com/video?auth=TzW5LVSAFrfv5AXG7i8w80ygcM3i3uP_07bLJV0Xa3tkpc08N6zLfT-G5ZZc330iZKfu40xjbuI

Vetenskapsåret 2016 http://csp.screen9.com/video?auth=uvjRuERvbqOdJgSbpYnZ4XawT75FF74Vkfb-uiGMJI0U2ZlgwDwNLXpIUjGhZyKoKXTB4Ela1eA

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