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Britain’s GCHQ shepherding mass surveillance operations throughout Europe http://rt.com/news/gchq-surveillance-european-agencies-107/

GCHQ spoofed LinkedIn site to target global mobile traffic exchange and OPEC. http://rt.com/news/gchq-spying-mobile-traffic-linkedin-510/ The UK’s electronic spying agency has been using spoof version of LinkedIn professional social network's website to target global roaming data exchange companies as well as top management employees in the OPEC oil cartel, according to Der Spiegel report. The Government Communications Headquarters has implemented a technique known as Quantum Insert, placing its servers in strategic spots where they could intercept and redirect target traffic to a fake website faster than the legitimate service could respond. A similar technique was used earlier this year to inject malware into the systems of BICS, a subsidiary of Belgian state-owned telecommunications company Belgacom, which is another major GRX provider.

Britain ‘snooped’ on Icelandic officials’ emails to recover cash from broken banks http://rt.com/news/britain-spied-iceland-banks-497/

iSpy: GCHQ targets tech grads for fast track scheme http://rt.com/uk/219367-gchq-spies-uk-grads/

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