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Farmers falling back on chemical pesticides as GMO seeds falter http://rt.com/usa/gmo-corn-fails-against-pests-863/ Though biotech companies like Monsanto spent many millions creating and inserting genes that would make corn plants poisonous to the corn rootworm but harmless to other creatures, the pest has begun to develop an immunity.

GMO green light? French court overturns ban on Monsanto corn http://rt.com/news/court-overturns-french-monsanto-ban-930/

Chile fights GMO in national protest against ‘Monsanto law’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO) http://rt.com/news/chile-protest-monsanto-law-634/

Monsanto spends $4.5mn to defeat Washington state GE-food labeling measure 10 September, 2013 Agribusiness giant Monsanto invested $4.5mn in recent days to defeat a genetically-engineered-food labeling measure in Washington State, according to campaign contribution filings. The state ballot initiative, I-522, to require mandatory GE-food labeling will be on the ballot in November. Recent polling data shows the measure has strong support in the state. Agribusiness spent over $45mn on an anti-labeling campaign in California last year, as the state’s own ballot initiative, Proposition 37, was narrowly defeated. Should the measure pass, Washington would be the first state to implement a GE-food labeling law.

= http://www.pdc.wa.gov/MvcQuerySystem/CommitteeData/contributions?param=Tk81MjIgIDUwNw====&year=2013&type=initiative

= Public Disclosure Commission

Opponents score a victory in Senate against ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ http://rt.com/usa/monsanto-protection-senate-budget-303/

A general method to insert DNA into cells is to use viral vectors called plasmids. In GMO there might be be remnants of the viral vectors in the DNA surrounding inserted genes.

Called “The Monsanto Protection Act” by opponents, the budget rider shields biotech behemoths like Monsanto, Cargill and others from the threat of lawsuits and bars federal courts from intervening to force an end to the sale of a GMO (genetically-modified organism) even if the genetically-engineered product causes damaging health effects.

‘March against Monsanto’: Global movement plans 2nd protest http://rt.com/news/march-against-monsanto-global-996/

Hawaii’s Big Island bans biotech companies, GMO crops http://rt.com/usa/hawaii-island-gmo-biotech-ban-053/

EU ministers link GM crops approval to future elections http://rt.com/news/eu-rethinks-gm-maize-875/

Lots of politicians seem to be bribed by big companies. And politicians are often very uneducated when it comes to natural sciences. The only thing I maybe can accept to eat that comes from GMO would be some single nature-identical simple chemicals such as sugar that can be purified very very much from any contaminations.

GMO - Polen stämmer EU-kommissionen Polen vägrar trots flera påstötningar från EU-kommissionen att acceptera genmodifierade grödor och mat. Den polska regeringen tillgriper nu den ovanliga åtgärden att stämma EU-kommissionen för brott mot unionens egna regler. Publicerat torsdag 14 februari 2008 kl 10:45 http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=83&artikel=1893332

"Varför är inte genmanipulerad mat en större fråga?" http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=4657&artikel=5859709

GMO food might contain offspring of traces of the virus tools, called vectors, used when constructing them. Only pure chemicals such as cane sugar should be produced as food by use of GMO.

Billion-dollar lawsuits claim GMO corn 'destroyed' US exports to China http://rt.com/usa/193612-china-lawsuits-gmo-corn/

Only PURE CHEMICALS, for example cane sugar, should be produced using GMO, so virus-tool remnants from the GMO-production could be removed effectively.

Someone having committed the same bad thing earlier doesn't make someone else repeating it being less bad.

Nu kan GMO-människor skapas sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=406

= http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=406&artikel=6121260

A tenth of a gigayear from now, human species will be still here, of course, in the form of radioactive fossils laced with gmo burger remains monosodium glutamate, mercury vaccine traces in the skull, and other toxic food additives

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