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Does “NOTE: this software includes one year license.” mean that the software will downgrade from PRO when one year has elapsed? I will not install if that is the case, because I already have version 2.47.195 (PRO) of the software from a former GOTD gift. And I will not install either if I do not in advance get an answer to the question.

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It would have been nice with an android-emulator or iphone-emulator for PCs up to windows 7. It is dull that every recent GOTD game for pc has been either a "move marbles" or a "hidden objects" kind of game. I would have preferred games that are very different from each other - even if they were very simple. Why are there no Windows-7-vversions of the game apps for android and iPhone?

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There seems to be computer programs that are created just to sabotage for those who want to download free music. I'll stick to youtube combined with general file downloaders and file converters from GOTD. - No need for anything else.
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