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Scratch (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/SCRATCH_61198/ is innovative software specially created to introduce kids into the complex world of programming. Its programming environment is completely graphical. Games created with this software are built through elements that you can drag and paste as if they were LEGO pieces. Thus, creating a small program is a simple and fun process. Most people think that programming is a specialized and tedious activity, and in fact, many traditional programming languages are difficult to learn. But Scratch is a new graphical programming language that is trying to change that concept. For example, in order to create programs, you will need to make colorful blocks fit creating piles with them. These blocks are designed to fit with each other, but they will only fit if their programming syntax is correct. Besides, the blocks are classified by different activities like motion, looks, sound, sensing, control, etc. To sum up, with this application you will be able to create programs that control and mix graphical animations, music and sounds. Moreover, Scratch is able to manage advanced filters for images like Photoshop, and many other complex activities. And finally, you will be able to share your projects with the Scratch community on its web portal. « less Review licensed from Publisher description Scratch is a free, downloadable application that lets users combine graphics, photos, music, and sound to create simple interactive animations, games, and slide shows. Users create scripts by dragging and dropping graphical blocks that snap together like puzzle pieces. They can then post their creations on the Scratch site, where others can view and download them. This MIT effort is named after scratching, the technique hip-hop DJs use to create music by combining turntable manipulation with prerecorded clips and synthesizers.

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