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CryptainerLE (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/CryptainerLE_123488/ s an encryption tool for Windows platforms. There are two good things about this application. First, it has a 128 bit encryption protocol that allows you to encrypt all your data and save it safely. It is said to be impossible to crack. Second, it is absolutely free. I haven't seen many free encryption tools out there. CryptainerLE creates a sort of vault in your system. Like you would do with your valuables, you simply drag and drop the files that you want to encrypt into the vault. When you drag them outside of the vault, you can decrypt them and use them. The application works on every 32 bit version of Windows. So even if you have Windows 98, you can still encrypt your files. I like the "vault" approach a lot more than hidden partitions or even on-file encryption. This approach is easily accessible. It is safe and leaves you only one place to worry about: your vault. Everything on this application is done via the Sys Tray icon. There you activate the main GUI and can encrypt or decrypt your vault. Of course, you need to set good passwords so that nobody can hack them. The latest version of this application is However, this review deals with version 6.0. There is a 25mb size limitation on version 6.0. I don't know if the same limitation applies to the newest versions.

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