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#z LYCAMOBILE ../links/wrap.php?u=lycamobile.htm
se lycamobile http://www.lycamobile.se/se/

regler och villkor http://www.lycamobile.se/se/termsandconditions

0852054977 lycamobile*186#stänga_av röstbrevlåda

Ring ett samtal (eller använd potten på annat sätt) minst varannan månad, fört att numret ska fortsatt vara aktivt.

how to use http://www.lycamobile.se/en/howtouse

a lycamobile 186 http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0oGdVdRzXVO2nMAVXil87UF?fr=sfp&fr2=&iscqry=&p=lycamobile+186

To deactivate voicemail, dial *186# and follow the instructions on the screen.

Your Lycamobile voicemail service has been automatically activated. ...

Top-up your balance: You can buy Lycamobile top-up vouchers from your local retailer. The voucher will show a PIN either printed on it or underneath a scratch panel. To top up your balance using your Lycamobile in Sweden, either: Enter *101*PIN#, press send, or Dial 3333 (or 92#) and follow the instructions. To Top-up your Lycamobile whilst you are abroad: Dial +46734973737 /+46852054977 and follow the instructions! You can also top-up your Lycamobile online here, https://account.lycamobile.se/QuickTop-Up.aspx?lang=en which is the most convenient way.

Check your balance: You can check your balance at any time. To check your balance using your Lycamobile in Sweden, either: Enter *102# (or 95#), press send, and your balance will be shown on your Lycamobile screen, or Dial 3333 (or 94#) and listen to your balance. To check your balance while you are abroad: Dial +46734944444 and follow the instructions.

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