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Monsanto denies its pesticides behind Argentine health problems http://rt.com/news/monsanto-glyphosate-safe-argentina-597/

Jason Bedard 24.10.2013 02:37 There definitely is a link. My childhood home was right next to a potato farm. The farmer had to switch from DDT which was safe to humans, to using Temik. The field was right next to the driveway. My mother developed Thyroid disease one sister has myasthenia gravis and other sister a tumor caused nose bleeds & lifelong skin disorders. My mother's aunt who lived with suffered rapid onset of Alzheimer's & passed very quickly. The whole neighborhood same story, cancer disease and death. The MTBE from the gasoline tanks mixed to make a lethal & toxic cocktail. Little done & cover up & corruption. It will happen there. X_x

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