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Mouse Trainer (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Mouse_Trainer_87793/ is a simple tutorial to help novices use a mouse freely. With Mouse Trainer you will learn why it is so convenient to utilize the mouse instead of the keyboard. The tutorial includes different activities' descriptions and trainings, you can utilize the mouse or the keyboard to go back and forward, so if you need to practice some more activity or skip one, just click on the “previous” or “next” button. You will learn how to hold the mouse, the 3 major actions that can be performed with the help of the mouse, how to select objects, how to activate programs and how to move or drag 'n drop objects on the screen. Each activity is accompanied with a game that shows its purpose. One important thing to note is that Mouse Trainer can’t adjust the mouse clicking and movement sensitivity, if you want to adjust these parameters, you have to go to the "Control panel" and open the "Mouse Properties". The feature I liked most is that the “Mouse Trainer” window is always on top; therefore you won’t ever lose it if you click outside for any reason. Review licensed from Publisher description Mouse Trainer is a training program for novice computer users. Mouse Trainer will quickly train any novice user to use the mouse. It is ideal for computer training centres and workshops. In about 60 minutes time, a novice computer user can become acquainted with clicking, double-clicking and dragging, without the intervention of a supervisor.

EyeRoller (freeware) Make fun of your friends and colleagues: import their face in EyeRoller and see their eyes follow your mouse pointer! The result will be incredibly entertaining, and a nice surprise for them :-) Once you have create a new face you can share it with the world and download the best faces you find from EyeRoller faces gallery. The program has a built-in face editor, so you can easily create new faces without beeing a graphical artist. This editor let's you import a photo, define the eye mask, chose the iris from the included library... If you feel adventurous you can create your face using a professional graphical editor to achieve the best results.

= http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/EyeRoller_13645/

= http://www.jockersoft.com/downloads/EyeRoller/EyeRoller_setup.exe

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