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Israelis provocates muslims to get counterreactions they then can blame the muslims for and refer to as a reason for doing bad things to muslims, such as killing them. It resembles bullfighting. To counter this, muslims should let go of their pride. Don't fight for that. Fight for realities.

amazing arrogance shown by israel.How many palestinians have they murdered?

Israel has actually never declared what is its own borders. How can such a country REMAIN recognized?

Jesus wanted to exchange the habits of judaism fundamentally. The jewish priests didn't like that.

Israel should be kept out of EU. Even Turkey should e kept out - in order to not let Israel in.

Heh, the Jews turned into Nazis, Hitler had the final joke in the end. He must be cackling in his grave.

Today's adult israelis are brought up as nazis, and their parents had that influence from Germany. Not to wonder. They have not recognized that Europe has changed.

Gypsies and jews are thought to both have a history in Egypt. Gypsies and jews have similar names for persons of other etnicities.

Israel may file war crimes suit, freeze $127mn in tax funds over Palestine’s ICC push http://rt.com/news/219627-israel-palestine-court-taxes/

So once again, Israeli regime will try to blackmail yet another organization to get off the responsibility for the crimes the Zionist regime still continue to commit. This Zionist regime/ IDF is much worst than the other terror organization called ISIS. In-fact more and more evidence are surfacing that shows ISIS is trained by IDF and financed by the Zionist and Saudi collaboration.

We need to trial Netanyahu in the International Criminal Court... NOW!

It's time for several countries to throw out their israeli ambassadors.

Be... and Be... ..y... and ..y There is a pattern in most jewish names. Learn it!

Does NetanYAHU thinks he is a copy-cat of JAHU? Jehu (Yehu) was a hebrew("israeli") commander/king that organized the genocide on the population of the country of CANAAN, to make it the "HOLY LAND" (according to the Bible's "Old Testament"). King Jehoram tried to flee, but Jehu fired an arrow which struck him in the heart . King Ahaziah managed to escape, but was mortally wounded, and died shortly after in Megiddo. Jehu entered the city without resistance. He saw Jehoram's mother, Jezebel, watching him with contempt from a palace window. Jehu commanded the palace eunuchs to throw her from the window. Jezebel was killed, and Jehu drove his chariot over her body. Her servants later came to bury her, only to find that dogs had eaten all but her hands, feet, and skull. Jehu wrote to command to hunt down and kill all of the royal princes. and the next day he found seventy heads piled in two heaps. Ahab's entire family was slain. Jehu encountered the "brothers of Ahaziah" at "the shearing-house". He slaughtered another forty-two people related to the Omrides. ... Jehu's genocidal act was allegedly to honour the God of Israel. - - - Israel was conquered by Assyria as a punishment allowed by God for the massacre of the israelite dynasty of King Ahab carried out by Jehu.

Israeli "übermenchen" ("superhuman") look down on what they judge as inferior: - muslims. Wait, a bell from nazi-germany made a ping ..

Hiding behind vague definitions: - jew (genes or religion) - israel (country or citizen) - anti-semite (also against arabs?) - nazi (including zionism?) - west bank (belonging to israel or not) - ...

Nutty forgets that actions speak louder than words and we have seen 60 years of Israel BS double speak....

Again and again, the U.S. uses evil organizations to hit countries that could police Israel.

‘Something wrong with Ukraine, EU’: Czech leader condemns ‘Nazi torchlight parade’ http://rt.com/news/219783-nazi-parade-kiev-bandera/

The aim of satirically picturing Muhammad is to provocate muslims to do someting that will give them bad renomme in the world-opinion so that Israel can kill more palestinians (such as in the Gaza-war[Gaza-massacre]) without getting to much badwill in respect to that same world-opinion.

Turk terrorists shot kurds in Paris just a few years ago. - It may be them again.

I think that many of those who made the Mohammad caricatures ... did it in support for Israel !!!

How many of those killed had some conection to Mossad? - Humor might be used seriously.

The Muhammad caricatures now led to the killing of some other people than those caricature were aimed to, They backfired!

I'll NOT have any silent minute for those who had as their aim to upset muslims to do things that could "justify" them being killed as an "answer" to those things.

Also Hitler talked a lot.

Mossad don't France to stop EU sactions on Russia?

Mossad agents might sponsor third party (such as Saudi Arabia) to do the job. - As in 9 11.

Mossad drawers of Muhammad caricatures deliberately make them angry - to Israel is "excused" killing them. Do you know bull-fighting? - provocating a bull to "justify" it being killed

Muslims sacrify their lives, Mossad people don't.

Is ISIS unhappy about that France is trying to stop EU from putting sactions on Russia? And now the drawing of ISIS's "caliph" baghdadi with the text Voeux .Al-Baghdadi aussi: Et surtout la santé! .Al-Baghdadi vill också Och speciellt hälsa

Religious people can delierately be made upset, and thus be made to act accordingly, by both their own leaders and by their enemies (- in a way sometimes the same thing).

Who dares provocate muslims now to do evil things that can compare them to Israel and have the world opinion not reacty too much when they are being killed by Israel?

Who dares provocate muslims now to do evil things that can compare them to Israel and have the world opinion not react too much when they are being killed by Israel?

Read author Robert Heinlein's caution about the risk of careless behavior masquerading as freedom of speech. He said: "Manners improve when there is a chance your actions could cost you your life."

‘Who’d dare publish now?’ Swedish cartoonist’s concerns after Paris attack http://rt.com/news/220575-cartoonist-shootings-paris-censorship/

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