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iPhox (free) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/IPhox_13061/ offers unlimited free computer-to-computer calls with voice quality and a very user-friendly interface. It's also possible to call landlines and mobile phones worldwide at very competitive prices. When you don't have the time to speak on the phone, you can still rely on our instant messenger to chat to your friends.

FreeTalky ***** (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/FreeTalky_1865116/ uses the most popular Codec G.729 technology, so you can make calls with 1.6kb to 6.8kb of the Internet connection speed! The best voice quality is supported because of wideband and ultra-wideband codec. The quality is better than skype! iLBC Codec and PLC (package lost concealment) are included in FreeTalky, so it can handle the lost of voice package transmission! One FreeTalky account to other FreeTalky accounts Voice chat and IM (chat) are free of charge. You can use instead of Gtalk! FreeTalky is the powerful VoIP anti-blocking solution for endusers who are behind VoIP blocked countries such as UAE, Oman, Qatar, middle east Asia, etc. Fully SIP based VoIP service which can also work with any third-party SIP softphone/dialer.

Dialtophone (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/DialToPhone_135509/ is a caller software used in calling from your desktop. Dialtophone service provides the home and business consumers around the world the benefits of high quality phone call using Session Initiation Protocol , a variant of Voice over Internet Protocol , but at a lesser cost. Your mobile, computer, IP Phone or ATA need a dial-up or broadband internet connection to do away the traditional local, long distance, and international telephone carriers resulting in significant savings.

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