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EMCO Ping Monitor Free http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/EMCO_Ping_Monitor_Free_1383604/ is a freeware version of EMCO Ping Monitor and it is...

= EMCO Ping Monitor Free is a freeware version of EMCO Ping Monitor and it is based on the PING utility used to test the reachability of any host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. So, with this program you will be able to monitor the reachability of network hosts and websites. You can schedule the days and hours that the hosts will be monitored. The only limitation of this version is that it can monitor up to 5 hosts. You can use different views for monitoring the hosts, send e-mail reports, and send monitoring notifications to the system tray in case the main window is closed. By default, all the monitored events are logged. One of the advantages of the program is the "Terminate Actions" feature, which allows you to perform different power-off actions when the connection to all the monitored hosts is lost or failed to establish. You can shut-down, hibernate, log-off, reboot, or close the application. You can also force applications to close for any power-off options. Besides that, you can execute command line scripts and run executable files on certain events such as connection loss, connection restore, and others. The program allows you to import and export information from XML and CSV files. ... Publisher description: EMCO Ping Monitor Free is a freeware utility that allows to monitor up to 5 hosts. It can send notification on connection change and execute configured actions on these events.

NetStat Agent (shareware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/NetStat_Agent_7330/ is a suite of advanced network tools. As its name suggests, the application has a netstat tool. The tool is present in all Windows systems, but NetStat Agent gives it a graphical interface. You can see all the connections that are open in your system, be they incoming or outgoing. You can also sort them in many different ways, like by protocol, local address, remote address, etc. When there are connections to the outside of your network, you will even be able to ping, trace, and whois those connections. And NetStat Agent can even automatically do that and display the country from where the connection originates. There are several other tools in this suite other than netstat. The statistics window shows a lot of information about your network activity. You can even group the activity by interface, TCP, UDP, IP, or ICMP. I like the IP Config feature, which shows all the settings for your network adapters and interfaces. I was unable to change anything, but that could be a trial limitation. The rest of the features are ARP, DNS Query, IP Routes, Ping, Tracer, Whois and HTTP Checker. All those have nice graphical interfaces, they reload data automatically and can even create reports that you can save or print. « less Review licensed from Publisher description NetStat Agent is a toolkit that includes tools like netstat, ping, traceroute, ipconfig, arp, etc. NetStat Agent provides a fast and easy way to establish what ports and connections are available from your client computer. In addition, you are able to simply monitor what existing connections are currently being made and diagnose connectivity issues without delay.

Ping Plotter Freeware ***** http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Ping_Plotter_Freeware_17551/ is a ping and traceroute analysis tool. It can be used for both short- and long-term analysis of latency. The application can trace any IP address or domain and show you a complete analysis of all the hops that a connection makes to get to the specified host. This is all very technical. Basically, the application assesses how fast your computer can communicate with another computer and all the stops (hops) that your attempted communication makes before it reaches another computer. There is a graphical representation of the traceroute on the right part of the screen. It is color-coded. If most lines are green, that means that the PING was between 0 and 200 milliseconds. Ping Plotter Freeware can also measure packet loss, though it told me that I had 100% packet loss in 9 out of 15 hops, which is alarming, if true. You can set the number of times to trace and the delay between traces. You will notice that the traceroute operation updates regularly. The application keeps a log of every single operation and it gives you an average PING response time. This tool is ideal for troubleshooting a connection, if you know what to look for. Review licensed from Publisher description PingPlotter Freeware is a high performance, low-overhead traceroute application. It allows you to quickly "trace" the route between you and a target of your choice (a web site, Voice over IP provider, online game server, or similar target), and then continue to collect performance metrics about that route. Packet loss and latency numbers are available within seconds, and the results are displayed in a graphical format, in addition to text values. This allows you to quickly see if the final destination is performing as you expect, and if it's not, you can see which hop is causing the problems. Once you find a problem, you can copy the text or image you've collected to your clipboard, and then paste it into an email to report the problem to someone who can help you solve it.

Ping-O-Meter http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Ping_O_Meter_14029/ Why drop to Dos to ping? Enjoy Obese Armadillo Software

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