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If you know how to open command prompt,these two commands will repair about 70% of all pc problems:

1.sfc /scannow Pay attention for a distance between sfc and /

2.fsutil resource setautoreset true c:/

Many times services are not optimized.Go to black viper site and follow his optimization.


Error Expert (shareware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Error_Expert_55433/ is an award winning powerful software, which is used to repair the system errors and increase its performance. Sometimes there may be windows registry error, due to invalid system references or file references. These errors can cause damage to the system, it may crash the system, which will result in loosing important data and vital information and may also result in system failure. Therefore, Error Expert can be used to avoid all these problems. It scans the system for errors and whenever found, fixes them right away. This software is capable of detecting the errors and fixing them automatically. It is very easy to use. It also plays an important role in increasing the system performance by removing all the unwanted toolbars, pop-ups and other unnecessary startup items, which are sometimes responsible for a slow system speed. The Expert also checks the hard disk for unwanted debris that are created by spyware and adware; if found, then it will fix the errors by removing them. It always keeps a track for system changes; it will first block the change and then will inform the user about it, if the user gives permission then it will allow the change. Error Expert can also fix all the active errors in Internet Explorer. It is a user-friendly software.

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