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Google Desktop Search (freeware) ***** http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Google_Desktop_Search_49341/ As its name indicates, this tool is developed by the people from Google which is quite a reference of its quality and is a desktop searching engine. But that is not all. You can enrich your Desktop experience by adding the so called Google Gadgets from the huge list available on the web site of Google Desktop Search. These Gadgets performs the most incredible and handy tasks that you can imagine and more. The first time you install Desktop Search is pretty shocking. A really nice side bar opens on your desktop with a big analogical watch followed by a weather report that updates on the Internet, a little square gathering the breaking news, a small portrait showing you your pictures, Web clips section and finally, the Google search text box. This side bar is inspired on the distinctive Windows Vista’s side bar, but there are lots of people who trust Google over Microsoft… Regarding to the basic action, searching, this tool will allow you to search within your computer exactly the same as you were searching information on Internet, a process with which you are familiarized nowadays. You can search information within e-mails, docs, and any other information unit you use. The process is fast thanks to its two phases searching process. How does it work? First, Google Desktop Search creates index files to know exactly what pieces of information are within each file or information unit. Then, when you perform your actual search, Google Desktop doesn’t have to look up in the files themselves but in the index files, which is a much faster process. Since you don’t do nothing during the indexing process – maybe you won’t even notice it – the net result of this two phases searching method is saved time for you. This cool application is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux users, and it’s for free! Review licensed from ... Publisher description: Google Desktop Search is a easy to use desktop application that enables you to quickly search the your computer for files and get results as fast as searching the internet. Google Desktop Search provides full text searches for your email, files, music, photos, chats, Google Mail, web pages that you've viewed and more .

Open Menu+ http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Open_Menu_115356/ is an open source alternative to the regular Microsoft Windows Start Menu. It has a Vista style quick search that allows you to search through your programs in realtime, you can access it right from the top of the menu. It can also be used as a portable software and you can also carry it on your flash drive. You can use it to launch any portable applications you have on your flash drive. The interface is pretty intuitive, shows five menu views Favorites View, Recent View, Computer View, Programs View, Leave View. Favorites View contains all the programs that you access frequently, and Recent View shows all the programs that you've opened recently. Computer View lets you launch items that pertain to computer administration or maintenance. Program View lets you navigate through the programs installed on the computer and Leave View lets you exit your windows session and shutdown the system. Open Menu+ comes preloaded with a plethora of options you never thought about, such as changing skins, setting program paths, icon settings etc.

ExtraSearch Free (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/ExtraSearch_FREE_116044/ is probably only one tool available in the market with so many variables of parameters to search from your desktop computer. ExtraSearch Free have many different parameters to create your file filters like file size, file Attributes, File extension, File date, File Types along with File names. With File date you also have multiple options like Last Accessed, Last Modified, Created between (from and to dates) within ExtraSearch Free. ExtraSearch Free's Attribute filter also covers different attributes like Archived, Read only, System, Compressed, Hidden, Temporary and offline attributes. ExtraSearch Free is a completely free tool with very small sized downloadable exe file. One can also export the results of search from ExtraSearch Free to CSV or HTML format along with Text format. ExtraSearch Free also allowed to search from contents of the files thought this process is bit slower.

Effective File Search http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Effective_File_Search_56965/ Though it appears to be powerful and flexible enough, the default search utility offered by the Windows system still has plenty of downsides. It’s known to be slow and quite unreliable. Plenty of alternatives are available on the market, Effective File Search being just one of them. As its name suggests, it’s indeed effective. It comes with a simple and straightforward interface that makes searching for specific files and folders a really easy task. Even the use of search operators like “AND” and “OR” is made easy by this tool. Complete beginners with no computer experience will hardly have problems using this handy tool. I also like that it provides handy filtering options that let you exclude files from the search based on criteria such as their size or modification date. There’s even an advanced search function that enables you to find specific text fragments and hex code snippets within the files. The search speed is not necessarily impressive, but still pretty satisfactory. The fact that the list of the search results can be saved to a file is another big plus of this tool. In conclusion, Effective File Search is a really nice file searching utility that works flawlessly and offers plenty of advantages. It makes its price be completely justified. ... Publisher description: Effective File Search (EFS) is a powerful but easy to use search tool. Search any files on your computer or local network with this effective software. EFS is a real replacement for the Windows Search utility. You can save a lot of time with this excellent file search tool.

FileSearch (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/MatSpoon_FileSearch_994365/ is a multi-threaded documents searcher. No indexes need to be updated ; no background service is required. The more you have drives the more search speed is increased thanks to its multi-threading technic. It is a very easy to use tool for the beginners.

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com wolframalpha http://www.wolframalpha.com/

Copernic Free Desktop Search http://www.copernic.com/en/products/desktop-search/

= free (lite) http://www.copernic.com/en/products/desktop-search/lite/download/

Copernic_Agent http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Copernic_Agent_167841/

Files Crawler http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Files_Crawler_138827/

Copernic Desktop Search - Home http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Copernic_Desktop_Search_Home_293911/ When you are dealing with large amounts of data, sometimes finding a specific file may take a lot of time. Unfortunately, the search utility built into Windows is not very efficient. Copernic Desktop Search can solve this problem by optimizing the search mechanisms you use. It works by indexing such content as e-mails, documents, music, pictures, videos, contacts, and favorites. Then, it can provide you with instant results as you type in what you're searching for. The application has a nicely designed and intuitive interface. Various tabs will allow you to filter the results according to the type of content you are trying to find. What is more, each of these types has its specific ways of searching. For instance, you can search for a given e-mail message by providing any information that is likely to appear in it, such as words in the body, subject, sender, recipient, date, folder, and importance. As an additional asset, the program also supports performing Internet searches. While not in use, the application runs in the background and is accessible via the system tray. It also integrates with your system through the so-called deskbar, which allows you to start a search right from your desktop. Since indexing can slow down your system significantly, you can set it to start indexation only when the system is idle. However, it also provides levels of indexing performance, including unrestricted (uses all system resources), restricted (optimized for low impact), and manual. You can also pause indexing manually at any time. In general, Copernic Desktop Search is one of the best applications of its kind. Unfortunately, its main limitation is that the results of your searches depend on the state of the indexation. Since it does not carry out real-time searches, it may happen that some elements present on the computer do not appear in the results because they have not been indexed yet. Similarly, the results may include files that are no longer available. ... Publisher description: Copernic Desktop Search Home allows individuals to instantly search their files, e-mails, and e-mail attachments stored anywhere on their PC's hard drive. The application executes subsecond searching of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, Acrobat PDFs, multimedia, etc.

= http://www.copernic.com/en/products/desktop-search/

= free http://www.copernic.com/en/products/desktop-search/lite/download/

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