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Simple Shutdown Timer (freeware) is a Windows application designed to automatically shutdown, logoff, hibernate, sleep or reboot a computer. It has different options like time setting, closing applications and performing other actions. Also the program supports command line instructions. This application stays minimized in the system tray and can be opened at any time. It is very easy to use, the user just has to select an action (automatically shutdown, logoff, hibernate, sleep or reboot) and set the time in hours, minutes and/or seconds. Though it’s simple and there aren’t many options to choose from, the application is capable of forcing applications to quit or to execute at or after a task. This application helps save power usage, as it is very useful to have the computer power off after an installation or downloading media from the Internet when the user is not present. New in this version: compatibility with Windows server 2008 and Windows 7 has been added. Additionally, the program now supports command line instructions such as setting the timer or putting the system into standby mode with no countdown. ... Publisher description: The Simple Shutdown Timer application was designed to be an easy-to-use Windows shutdown tool. The program is pretty self-explanatory. Put in the time and click start. When the time reaches 0 the computer will shut down and power off (if able to power off).

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Delayed Shutdown (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Delayed_Shutdown_86447/ Many times I had to leave my computer turned on to perform several tasks while I was out or asleep. Once the processes were finished, my PC went on Stand By mode, causing unnecessary electrical usage. An application that allows you to program you computer to shut down at a certain time is Delayed Shutdown. Unlike other programs of its kind, Delayed Shutdown application offers you just a few simple options, without making the shut down scheduling harder or longer to configure than it should be. You can easily set the shut down time by using the slide-bar and the program will get its job done at the indicated hour. Now on, whenever you wish to watch a movie and schedule a shut down after two hours, Delayed Shutdown will work in the background and turn off your computer at the specified time. Advanced users might consider the lack of configurations a significant drawback, especially if they want to schedule a restart or a log off. More professional applications provide these features, at the same price.

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