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Sketch Studio (shareware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Sketch_Studio_124424/ is intended for teaching children how to sketch on a computer. In concordance with its purpose, using this program is really easy. As a whole, it is used very similarly to popular drawing applications, such as Paint. However, instead of the set of tools available in Paint, Sketch Studios lets you use only two basic actions, namely, sketching and smudging. The main working area resembles a sheet of paper and there are buttons that represent drawing pencils and smudge pens of different sizes. There will be a color palette from which you can select the pencil color. This program offers two modes. The first is free sketching, in which you can draw whatever your imagination and your drawing skills allow you to. The second is a tutorial, which is the really valuable part of this software. Two mascots, called Sketch and Smudge, will start drawing a picture step by step. After each of these steps, they will wait for you to perform the same actions. There are various sketch lessons available, with different complexity levels. In my opinion, this tutorial has been carefully planned to teach anyone how to sketch an image. You will surely learn how to use different colors and how to smudge to get a volumetric impression. Of course, the results will depend on your skills with the mouse. In general, Sketch Studio is a nice application. Although intended for kids, I really enjoyed drawing with it, and allow me to say that I did learn a bit. Unfortunately, I missed the eraser tool and sometimes when using the Undo feature, I got a black square on the screen. « less ... Publisher description: Sketch Studio is an easy to use drawing program that was designed to teach children how to draw on the computer!The interface is lovely and very friendly so it's the perfect drawing tool for children.You also have a set of tips you can check out in order to make the best of your drawings.

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