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Speaking Notepad (shareware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Speaking_Notepad_57892/ Windows' notepad is a very useful function to take quick notes and even for composing long texts, since its output files are compatible with almost any other word processor. This program is a complete .TXT files editor, but not only that; it includes a function that reads aloud the file's written text. The program can use any of MS Windows text-to-speech voices, so you can choose the voice that better suits your taste. Along with this function, the program also has several interesting features, such as the possibility of recording the written text into a sound file and to read aloud the clipboard's content. It also has all the standard features of any notepad program, such as all the editing functions, and some basic formatting features as well. Maybe the only drawback of the program is its interface, which is rather dull. Also, if you need the program to read aloud text in languages other than English, then you will need to download additional voice files. The trial version can be used during 21 days and adds a pre-recorded message to the recording function, indicating that the file was created with the program's trial version. If you want to get rid of these limitations and decide to keep using the program after that period, then you will need to purchase a license. « less Review licensed from Publisher description Speaking Notepad is handy text editor with powerful text-to-speech capabilities. Speaking Notepad will read your TXT, RTF, DOC, HTML and PDF documents with SAPI4 and SAPI5-compliant high quality voices, different speed and pitches, read clipboard content, record texts into WAV, MP3 and WMA files and even read every word or sentence you are typing.

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