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Dariolius http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Dariolius_24088/ (freeware $23 !? )More often than not, the computer users are frequently faced with problems of transferring huge amounts of data. In such situations, even the floppy disks and other storage devices aren’t really enough to help the cause, and this is when a program like Dariolius comes in handy. This is an extremely useful application, which assists the user to split up the files, into many sub-files, which may be easily transferred via a floppy drive or even sent via an e-mail over the Internet. Moreover, the user has complete control over the choices of splitting the files, and the application supports various ways to do the same, depending upon the current requirements of the user. The user may select either a batch file, which is ideally suited for the advanced otherwise the novice users may select an interactive and powerful program file for merging the split parts of a file. Dariolius also features an in-built merger supporting merging operations on the third party split files, and also comes with default built-in e-mail for sending the split files instantly with the click of a button, soon after splitting them. The application is capable of splitting files as large as 4GB at once.

Xtremsplit (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Xtremsplit_309150/ is a free and useful tool to split and join large files. You can split your files into smaller ones of equal size, or tell the program the total number of resulting files you want to have. If needed, you can tell the program to create a convenient self-extracting file. This intuitive application can join not only its own split files, but also those created using more than 20 different well-known splitters. This program needs no installation, allowing you to carry and use your Xtremsplit executable anywhere. It offers an intuitive and attractive interface, which is also completely self-explanatory. When splitting your large files, you can tell Xtremsplit the maximum size of the output files, so that they can perfectly fit the media you need to use to store them. Instead, you can tell the program to split the file into a fixed number of smaller ones, regardless of the resulting size. You are also given the possibility of creating a self-extracting file that will allow any user to join the different parts together without having Xtremsplit installed in their computers. In order to allow you to check the integrity of the output files, you can tell Xtremsplit to create an MD5 file. Xtremsplit’s joining functionality supports 28 different types of files created by other splitters, such as Hacha, Splitter, Cutkiller, EasySplit, EasyFileCut/MaxSplitter, or MaxSplit Pro, just to name a few.

solveig-mm-video-splitter-4-home (GOTD trial) http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/solveig-mm-video-splitter-4-home/ = http://www.solveigmm.com/en/products/video-splitter/

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