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System Explorer (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/System_Explorer_115354/ can help you explore your system’s activity. It can effectively be used as a substitute for Windows Task Manager as it provides much more information than that you can get from the system’s built-in utility. The application has a tabbed interface, which compartmentalizes information about four basic areas: running tasks, running processes, performance levels and activity history. However, it allows you to create new tabs to display further information about your system, such as modules, drivers, networking, users, and connections. A major advantage of this program is that allows performing security scans. This checks running processes to detect threats using an online security database. While connecting to the Internet ensures that the latest information is always available, its downside is that this method requires an active Internet connection and downloads a great amount of data. Moreover, it may slow down the scanning process. You can perform checks to not only all running processes but also a single process. In addition to monitoring the above mentioned data, the application also lets you end tasks or start new ones. Besides, it lets you apply various types of filters to the information. Finally, it also provides shortcuts to multiple Windows tools. « less Review licensed from Publisher description System Explorer lists all the processes running in the system, with detailed information. You can manage the startup applications, browser addons, drivers, etc. It gives the realtime graph of running processes, processor and memory usage, etc. You also see the history of applications started/stopped after the start of Windows.

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Advanced SystemCare V 8.1.0 http://www.iobit.com/update/asc/8/index.php?name=asc&ver=

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