. . . http://www.cogninova.com
#z TRANSLATE ../links/wrap.php?u=translate.htm
Translator Dicter http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Translator_Dicter_899435/ (Editor review:) . Google Translate is the most popular web service that allows translating a word or an entire text from one language to another. It is not only highly-appreciated and widely-used, but also free. Its only inconvenience would be the fact that it’s an online tool and you have to use a web browser in order to access it. Translator Dicter solves this problem. You will no longer need to open a page in your web browser every time you want to use Google Translate. Translator Dicter supports the three features of Google Translate that matter the most in my opinion: the large number of supported languages, the language auto-detection function and the possibility of listening to the translated text. It also comes with additional features, the most remarkable to me being the capability of translating a text from any Windows applications with just the press of a key combination. You can configure this key combination to any keys you prefer. It can also copy translated texts to the clipboard. I would have appreciated if the interface was customizable. Happily, it’s stylish enough as it is. It’s also simple and neat. In conclusion, Translator Dicter is a nice tool that makes translating any text a fast and simple task. Review licensed from . (Publisher description:) . The program translator Dicter always helps to complete the translation in a single click of mouse from any application Windows. You can also listen the translated text or copy it to clipboard. The incredible ease of use make it indispensable for almost any user Windows. The new version also present advanced mode that allows you to translate not only the selected text, but also work effectively as any other interpreter.

dicter FREE TRANSLATOR http://www.dicter.net/

Cursor Translator http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Cursor_Translator_49351/ is a machine translation tool for Windows. It allows you to quickly translate words and small phrases anywhere on your computer. As the name suggests, the application uses the cursor to select the word to be translated. Cursor Translator has support for a good number of languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Russian, etc. The application doesn't have many options. The main window is very small and the only option that you can change is the language pair. There are two drop-down lists. The first is the language you want to translate from and the second, the language you want to translate to. When you want to translate something, you are supposed to press and hold the SHIFT key and move your mouse over the text to translate. In my testing, simply moving the cursor over text on the screen or even the notepad didn't do anything. You have to actually click on the text that you want to translate, and sometimes the application doesn't detect entire words. To give you an example, I wrote a sample sentence that said: "This is a translation". I clicked on "translation" and the app only recognized "slation", which returned absolute non-sense as a translation. Selecting several words is just as complicated. Review licensed from Publisher description Cursor Translator enables you to pick and translate word/words from anywhere on screen with your mouse cursor moves on it/them. You can perform translations between such 12 languages as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, with new languages being added all the time.

Microsoft Captions Language Interface Pack (CLIP) - Alsace http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Microsoft_Captions_Language_Interface_Pack_102309/

CatsCradle (shareware) ***** http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/CatsCradle_70845/ grabs all the text that requires translating from a web page, puts it into a built in editor for you to translate alongside, then automatically integrates your translated localized text back into the web page - leaving all the sensitive HTML code untouched. To check all's going smoothly you can instantly preview your work in progress in a web browser at the click of a button. There’s even a real-time view where you can see the web page evolving as you translate.

= http://www.stormdance.net/software/catscradle/overview.htm

Adapt (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Adapt_It_912194/ It is a computer program that helps translate texts between related languages (a process called adaptation). Using Adapt It, translators have been able to dramatically reduce the total time spent in their translation projects. With this program you can produce interlinear exegetical helps for national translators, using the Greek NT or Hebrew OT as the source text.

Skype Translation Utility (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Skype_Translation_Utility_1234244/ is a small program that translates text sent and received in a Skype Chat. It detects your language and the language of the person on the other side of the conversation , and translates messages between the two. To the other person, you appear to be talking in their language. On your end, a small box displays their messages translated into your language. There's only two buttons in the entire program. The left button turns translation on and off for the chat you're in, and the right button turns translation on and off for all chats.

Internetdelning: Swedish to English: ICS http://www.interglot.com/dictionary/sv/en/translate/Internetdelning

wpe Internet Connection Sharing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Connection_Sharing

You could try an inexpensive USB to Ethernet adapter for Android.

You can share and there are apps also but for that u need rooted android device…. Try this site, it may help. http://www.howtogeek.com/117118/how-to-connect-your-android-to-your-pcs-internet-connection-over-usb/

You are looking for reverse tethering option via USB. i found a good working tutorial here http://mobotalks.com/android/how-to-use-pc-internet-on-android-phone-via-usb-cable-ultimate-guide/ Try this site, it may help.

well u can try connectify software steps are given in this site http://webtotech.com/reverse-tethering-on-android-phone-without-rooting and if require try get a inexpensive usb device on ebay

... VARNING! Instead the apps fiddled with my firewall and since then i notice my laptop misbehaves a little sometimes. So my suggestion is do not try any such apps. If at all you want to share your laptops internet i wud suggest you to buy a wifi router which costs some INR 1000 here.

EaseDictionary (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/EaseDictionary_7706/ is a very useful tool if you happen to work with many languages; because it gives you the chance to see the translation of any word into English, French, German, and Russian at once. You just need to place the mouse over the word you wish to check up and you will see the translated result under the word. By default, all the languages mentioned before are activated, but you have the option to activate just one translating direction. The program creates an icon in the system tray, whereby you can directly activate or deactivate the program or any of the options. In order to translate, the program needs to create an OCR database, so the first time you run the program, it will take some minutes to install it. Besides translating, the program shows unknown words in their simple form, as well as similar words. The font, size, and position of the translation result can be configured. Another important function is that you can play the sound of the word selected or the translation result - but a Speech Engine is required in this case. System requirements: 300MHz of speed processor, 128MB of RAM memory; OS supported: Microsoft Windows. ... Publisher description: easeDictionary© is a modern on-fly dictionary for the translation of words and phrases, that is based on the newest technologies. He allow without additional efforts not only to know the value of unknown word but also to wire for sound him. Just point a mouse on an unknown word, to get the desired result. It incredible ease, convinced and you herein!

= http://easedictionary.com/

Free Desktop Translator http://www.athtek.com/google-translate-desktop.html Free Desktop Translator based on Google Translate. It is the best free desktop translator in the world. It supports 58 languages and can pronounce 34 of them. http://www.athtek.com/google-translate-desktop.html#.VF6P-8mwVs4

= Free Google Translate DesktopGoogle Translate Desktop is a free portable desktop translator based on google translate. It can quickly translate almost any text in 58 languages, and pronounce for 34 languages of them. It also enables users to translate website directly. It monitors Windows clipboard and automatically translate the content to target language. Also you can import text file and export the translations to a new *.txt file by Google Translate Desktop. In one word, Google Translate Desktop is a smart desktop translator for Windows users. With free Google Translate Desktop, you can easily get the online translation without opening Google Translate. You are able to read foreign articles, communicate with foreign friends on facebook or twitter, learn foreign languages, view foreign websites and write emails in foreign languages easily. As a free portable desktop translator, Google Translate Desktop takes a little disk space. You don't need to install it to your PC like other free desktop translators. You can just run it and it will work for you directly.

= DOWNLOAD FREE http://www.athtek.com/download/ggtranslate.exe Free desktop translator based on Google Translate. It is the best free desktop translator in the world. It supports 58 languages and can pronounce 34 of them. Business owners can use the top banner of it for business promotion.

Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

elcombri Translator 1.1 (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Elcombri_Translator_185487/ is a free translating program. Using this application, you will be able to translate English to German and German to English in an easy way. The program will look up the words you enter and will show you the results on the application's main window. elcombri Translator 1.1 allows you to set different parameters for your translations. All you have to do to translate is to type the word you want to translate on the program's main window. Some of the parameters you will be able to set are: search direction, symbol size and language. The program can be set to automatically load a dictionary when it is launched, to keep window size and position everytime you open it and to check for program updates automatically. The translations. elcombri Translator 1.1 allows you to save personal settings in a personal home directory or in the elcombri tranlsator installation directory. The results of your translation will be shown to you on the application's main window. The program is easy to use and it has got an extremely friendly interface. This software comes with a help menu that will help you out if you have any problems using it.

google translate https://translate.google.com/

Trnslator HD (iphone) http://iphone.giveawayoftheday.com/translator-hd-translate-from-english-to-around-sixty-world-languages-with-speech-recognition-and-text-to-speech-2/

offline english dictionary iphone English Ace - Offline Dictionary av kimihiro kubota https://appsto.re/se/0SeqZ.i

translate (google) https://translate.google.se/?hl=sv

enable translate https://translate.samuellaska.com/setup.php?d=iphone&l=sv

google translate https://translate.google.com/

Denna otroliga enheter låter dig kommunicera på fler än 40 olika språk! https://wowtechlife.com/language/instant-voice-translator-with-40-languages-se98275.html?cep=zuM-EMln204QkLcTMPI0Qv6O6kDo6j_hXgN9W6Wrq3_HDbG_P-vuuR3KvbBDtS8U6K0M7FIKmL1dQkes0ll5a884i20FoZCBQY6cqgo8IpkPVK654PZUw21D875Bjdlcxs6oivQgDIdw2EYmhkDJXzBdZHloEkqeI6xOAimkW97Y4NzsnIGeBlbNtJRMO8ACVR1rEkGdr2XoRwZ3hBCSMtMG6PH3JC4Suy5XC-s0SqmgqWLv6F2_ifY2wfSaJfq-X3exEeUs7hI5_YYcLTOaZeoBsHad1iS4tL5bMdn5YPiK01JVFV2Lq2lKZVmE9WO7xJ0YMCei3r8QnO_NYu5ymQMwHHhGAN_2nhUCayv_zPgoIkazz5wcTzMI4tfucYeYyMj6-_iB2wK4vC5G-fn4xbBGxgHMxR1UuYAm6VkF47orPCLOA8R2hiDAXYlHni05SoLgrlx1P1MhPpZbfYndsg3cDCUMIF5RLNtZS9n_Q3sktgw-SlzbI_1Xa10xTia1NkjXFvg6R4pM1Gzn7lYKP0-aPv1wGSxQthhLX7U-pJu8n2ZNXWSqTkjbqiPdvUCApdn077NBCMRTx-ckBt8YQyVL0_nn9gReCixqVlPoexApX392vzpBgQDOFe7kxD8kf2jykNufguyh6ci4Tq99_RaRqbkw7aAr858uFZfs4xs&lptoken=155a808a06b674c310d0&site=rt-rtcom&thumbnail=http://cdn.taboola.com/libtrc/static/thumbnails/c9539f3712b24bcb511cbeb7a8c3d34b.jpg&title=Liten%20enhet%20gör%20att%20du%20omedelbart%20kan%20tala%2043%20språk×tamp=2020-01-26%2019:00:27&platform=Smartphone&campaign_id=3297520&campaign_item_id=2854036385&tabclickid=CjBlYTJlNTMyYi0yNDZjLTRjNjMtOTA3Ny0wODcwZDQxNzA4ODQtdHVjdDExMjZiZmESC2FkeG1lZGlhLXNj

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