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Israel quits UNESCO over ‘attacks’ months after US withdrawal https://www.rt.com/news/414038-israel-withdraw-unesco-jerusalem/

... Following in the footsteps of the US, Israel announced its exit from UNESCO, citing its “attacks” on the Jewish state. The move comes after 128 UN members voted to reject the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Finland reaffirms support to UNESCO programmes in Education and Freedom of Expression https://en.unesco.org/news/finland-reaffirms-support-unesco-programmes-education-and-freedom-expression

... Finland renewed its support to UNESCO’s flagship Capacity Development for Education programme (CapED) as well as to the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) with the signing of funding agreements totalling 2.4 million Euros today. 20 December 2017

org unesco https://en.unesco.org/

USA och Israel lämnar Unesco - FN:s organisation för utbildning, vetenskap och kultur - eftersom de anser att den är för anti-israelisk. https://sverigesradio.se/artikel/7124358

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