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'It's safe to go to Russia': FIFA President Infantino tells Peter Schmeichel Show on RT https://www.rt.com/sport/423661-fifa-russia-skripal-infantino/

Could some kind a weighted mean value of several world currencies (dollar excluded) be used instead of dollar as a stable "currency" to be referred to in business agreements?

Dollar could be replaced by a mathematical construction that is based on several other currencies, as a kind of mean value that is more stable than each of these currencies alone.

Turkey repatriates gold from US in bid to ditch dollar https://www.rt.com/business/424670-gold-turkey-repatriation-dollar/

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If a deal is made up split in ten different non-dollar currencies instead of in dollar, then the value of the deal would be pretty safe, and a simple computation on the pay-day would make it possible to use any random currency for the actual payment.

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