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Trellian WebPage (freeware) http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Trellian_WebPage_86712/ is a web page creator and editor full of useful tools. The application presents web pages in four modes: Editor mode: Displays the page the way will appear on the browser, but user can change, insert, delete, or modify anything and see the changes as soon as they're applied. Source: Application displays the source page for the user to change, add or remove scripts. Preview: Shows the page the way a browser will displays it. Is a "read only" presentation, i.e. user can't change anything on the page. Split: In this mode, the screen is divided in two separated horizontal areas, one in visual mode and the other one showing the source code. In all cases, source code is highlighted and colored for easy edition and modification. Indents manager. The application also includes the true view of the page on the user browser. Editors for meta tags, hyperlinks and JavaScript. Unlimited undo's. Built-in spell checker and FTP utility for uploading pages to the Net. Easy insertion of radio buttons, checkboxes, time and date, submit and reset buttons, « less Review licensed from Publisher description Trellian WebPage is a free web page creator and editor that contains a set of powerful tools. You can make layering elements in a fast and easy way, convert images to various formats, edit your source code and instantly see the changes to your page and much more.

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